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“It is everything you need for improving your workforce productivity.”

Timenox gives you strong transparency in your business and tracks the activities of your employees during working hours, which in turn will boost your productivity and will help you to grow faster!

Escalate your workforce’s productivity with Timenox!

Now track the routine activities without mobilizing over every employee whether they are working from the office or working at homes. Timenox provides you with accurate measurements of productive hours for better productivity of your workforce.

Drive efficiency with Transparency!

Assess the performance of your every employee, team or even your entire workforce getting high-level insight reports for the work transparency of every employee. Furthermore resulting in increasing the work efficiency.

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Reduce your employees burnout with Timenox!

"Increase productivity with an improved working environment while reducing the employee’s burnout. Monitoring workloads to maintain proper working hours and accordingly scheduling the work.