How Simple it Works!

“Timenox“ a toolkit to optimize the productivity of your team for best Output.
Create a ​​highly efficient and productive environment by getting detailed information about every employee's activity and their time utilization to determine their efficiency and to reach their daily Goals.

1. Create Company

To get started one needs to create a company as it is the identity for login into the particular system providing the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your information and for work to interact with the employees. Fill out the company name, username, password and other details in the perspective sections.

2. Add and Invite Employees

After successful completion of company creation one needs to add employees too, for managing out things and to monitor and assign tasks to them accordingly. It also allows users to add employee details to accordingly send them the invitation to download the software and to let them register themselves.

3. Add Project and Task

Jumpstart growth for your small business with adding and managing the tasks & projects in an organized way. Admin can add projects and tasks by simply entering projects and tasks name and accordingly assigning them to the particular employees for carrying it out in a way it has to be conducted within the Timeline.

4. Installation of software in employee's system & start monitoring

Once Timenox is downloaded it needs to be installed to start monitoring. Employees are able to Introduce improvements in their day to day working with the installation of the software to know their exact weak and strong areas for better work productivity & improving work efficiency and performance.

5. Tracking and Report

Timenox is all about increasing the skill set of the workforce by tracking their work and monitoring them to have an idea about each employee's output. The reports in Timenox helps in getting a detailed view of employees output on a monthly basis starting from the number of hours invested in each project furthermore resulting in increased efficiency.

Why go for it?

Cut down on the number of mistakes made, to efficiently utilize each employee’s time with Timenox tools to perform workplace surveillance to gather information.