How to install Timenox for MacOs



1. First step involves dragging the Timenox icon to the application to start with the installation process.
2. Once done with the first step. In the next step automatic installation will start.

Give permissions

1. Accessibility: In this section, you need to select the appropriate permission for giving accessibility .
2. Screen recording: Here you need to select the screen recording checkbox to allow permissions as well.



Quit & reopen the option:

After giving all the permissions you need to click on the quit and reopen option.

Insert User ID & Password:

In this stage Timenox will take you to the Login Page where you need to put your credentials i.e. your user ID and password which was created during the time of registration or given by the admin.



Select Project & Task:

When login is done, an employee needs to select the project and task. Employee can also create the task by yourself.